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2009 black Mazda RX-7 for sale!

Price:   $ 23000

Preferred Features

Year:                              2009
Make:                             Mazda
Model:                            Mazda RX-7
Transmission:                 Automatic
Cylinder:                        4-cylinder
Engine:                          2.50L

Additional Features

Body Color:                    Black
Body Type:                    Convertible
Fuel Type:                     (Unleaded) Petrol 91
Mileage:                         35000 km

Detailed Description

Hi! I'm currently selling a black Mazda RX-7 of year 2009. The mileage is around 35k km. Call me to make an appointment. Thanks

Location Description
Suburb: Arncliffe
State: NSW
Postcode: 2205
Country: Australia

Other Essentials
Preferred Lease Period: 01-Jan-1970

Contact Details
Email Address:
Phone Number: 0449898448

Agent Details (if any)
Email Address:
Phone Number: 0146249856

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